Frequently Asked Questions

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- FAQ of the Bunnies, wherein the bunnies answer your questions.

Q: How do you create your cartoons?
A: I've used the software Adobe Flash for the coloring and animation. I generally draw and ink everything by hand on paper using a lightbox. I scan the drawings into the computer using Adobe Photoshop, then animate and color within Flash.
Q: Who are some of the voices behind the bunnies?
A: Learn more about bunny voices John Mathot, Doug McInnes and Mike Dougherty (who guest-starred in Alien, Jaws and Superman bunnies).
Q: Where did Amy's Diary come from?
A: Amy's diary is Amy Forstadt's actual 3rd grade diary! She & I have been best friends since 1977. When she unearthed said dairy, we decided to get some friends together and have them narrate a few select entries, to which I did some interpretive animation. But those events indeed occurred. Amy's cat really did drink toilet water...out of the toilet.
Q: Do you take requests?
A: Yes! Take a peek at the Request Corner!
Q: Why bunnies?!
A: One day as I sat in front of my computer checking email (what else is new), these bunnies approached my desk and pitched the idea of doing the re-enactments. Feeling mildly threatened, I agreed, and the collaboration began! That's the story they like to tell. What really happened is I sat there sketching all the possible creatures who could re-enact classic movies in 30 seconds, and out of all the candidates (kitties, beavers, mice, elves), the bunnies struck me as being just the critters to do such a thing.
Q: Why Angry Alien?
A: THE SHORT VERSION: When I first started my little biz, I needed a logo. I had sketched some sample ideas with ridiculous names (such as this one), and the image of a testy alien standing next to a rotary phone tapping his foot just spoke to me. I figured, 'eh, why not' and it just stuck.

THE LONG VERSION: After years of immersing myself in research and theory of children's interaction with media, I finally followed my true passion -- creating and producing the content that I once examined so carefully under the academic microscope. Furthermore, I decided to generate the income I needed through art-based services, such as graphic design and illustration. This direction contrasted wildly with my formal education in international business and media studies. My intuition told me, however, that prioritizing my ongoing love of cartooning and animation would ensure my soul's peace. And I finally listened.
Thus, I needed to name my fledgling business. One day, I created some sample logos for my first design portfolio using fictitious company names. As I sketched absent-mindedly, the head of an alien materialized on the page. He was cute, but he looked pissed. So I drew his body in an irritated pose, next to a phone, as if he had been waiting forever for it to ring. The name Angry Alien Productions seemed quite fitting for the logo. Eventually my fondness for the peeved alien led me to take the fictitious name and make it my own. The logo and name embody my love of creating cute and satirical characters, as well as the organic process from idea to finished artwork. Clients, vendors, and particularly cranky city workers have greeted the name with amusement. I feel exhilarated doing what I love and crafting a maverick corporate identity which dares to explore the realm of all that is wacky and silly.

Q: Does the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Troupe have a manager?
A: Yes! His name is Duck.
Q: What's the bunnies' favorite drink?
A: They love a well-made carrot latte.
Q: How do you get the bunnies' ears to stand up so straight?
A: Lots of hare-spray.

Thanks for stopping by!
- Jennifer