Frequently Asked Questions: The Bunnies

Dear Bunnies,
Q: Why do you make up lines and scenes in some of the 30-second re-enactments??
A: We enjoy taking "creative liberties" within each movie, i.e. making stuff up. Sometimes we feel like we can make certain scenes or shots funnier, or easier to re-enact by altering lines and changing details to suit timing or our whims. While we always aim to retain the feel/spirit of each movie and make an accurate synopsis, we also like to have fun and stay on our toes.
Q: Do you have to join some sort of union before appearing in these online films? Something similar to SAG, such as BAG (Bunny Actors Guild)?
A: Since we are the only bunnies we know of performing in this manner, we haven't set up our own union. But maybe we should ask Duck about that.
Q: Who is this Duck, and how did you meet?
A: Duck serves as our agent and manager. He discovered us messing around one evening at the pond. He acts as our go-between on most occasions and has his own office and secretary who tracks his appointments, although we've never seen her in the flesh. He also delegates as much as possible to Snortleby.
Q: Who, then, is Snortleby, and how did he get involved?
A: Snortleby is our put-upon assistant. He showed up one day looking for work and made all our lives easier. He's always put-upon because Duck assigns him the hardest and most thankless tasks. He's small and made of beanpaste, yet he's the one who attaches ears to the creatures in the re-enactments; he wrangles everything from the largest monsters to the smallest and surliest toupees (it is no easy feat to wrangle a toupee). Also he has to pick up the coffee and the dry-cleaning. He takes pride in his job and de-stresses by chilling out in the dryer (set to gentle spin).
Q: Along those lines, how is it possible Snortleby exists if he's composed solely of beanpaste?
A: We don't question that, we just accept it and it works.
Q: What is the division of labor in your realm, among yourselves, Duck, and Snortleby?
A: We do the re-enacting (Jennifer encourages us to help with animation production by dangling carrots in front of little workstations. We help when we're inspired. We also do the goofing-off on set. Duck keeps us in line and organizes us. Snortleby does just about everything else.
Q: What do you do when you're not re-enacting movies?
A: We enjoy cooking, gardening, avoiding Bob, indulging our media habits (reading, moviegoing, etc.) For the blow-by-blow updates you can check out our Twitter page.
Q: Um, who is Bob?
A: Bob's this monster who started hanging out in one of the caves attached to our compound. That's a story for another day.
Q: How many of you are there, and how do you tell each other apart?
A: Our core group of bunnies is roughly 5, but numbers vary during production (extras, stunt bunnies, circus bunnies, bunnies with additional training/skills, and so on). We have a hard time telling each other apart, but it's no cause for concern. Duck just sort of rounds us up in a herd (gaggle? gang?) for activities.
Q: Where do the you live?
A: We have built a fine subterranean compound in our meadow. We're unsure of the location of our meadow, but it's fairly meadowy.
Q: How did you happen to start re-enacting movies? (For that matter, how is it you have access to movies in your meadow?)
A: When you live in a meadow, there's little else to do, besides forage for food and avoid predators! A bunny needs culture. Mind you, there's a wide selection of media here in addition to the human-made; we just decided to stick to what humans are most familiar with. For instance, have you ever seen the classic film Of Men and Mice by the illustrious creator G. F. Mouseford (based on his novel)? We thought not. As for access to such media, we're pleased to live in a rather progressive meadow.