Bio of bunny voice John Mathot

John Mathot has worked in the animation industry for nearly 17 years. Most of that time has been spent as a storyboard artist for The Simpsons. Additionally, he has contributed storyboards to Futurama, Family Guy, Dilbert, Game Over and various other primetime shows.

He has also created and developed his own animated content. He wrote & directed The 'Wood, a celebrity parody web series, for Starz Media in 2006, in association with 23D Films.

Mathot created, wrote & directed Fred Again for Warner Bros. Online's Cartoon Monsoon in 2003.

He also co-created and directed Bagboy! for Cartoon Network in 2002. As a director, Mathot teamed with 23D Films to helm the animated title sequence for New Line's Run Ronnie Run!, and a Simpsons short produced exclusively for the Fox Studios theme park in Sydney, Australia.

Mathot teamed with his brother Ted, and Class 6 Entertainment to co-create and produce Creature Crunch, an animated CD-ROM adventure comedy game starring Martin Short & Eugene Levy, released in 1996. The game went on to win an award for best animated direction at the World Animation Awards in 1997.

Astute internet listeners may recognize Mathot's voice as a regular cast member of the popular animated web series 30-Second Bunnies Theatre. He has also provided voices for characters in the Fred Again shorts. Mathot is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and holds a BFA in Film/Video/Animation from Rhode Island School of Design.

NEW! John is curator of Horrible Movie Nite, so if you're a Los Angeles resident or visitor, be sure to check out a screening!

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