About me

I am Jennifer Shiman, creator of 30-Second Bunnies Theatre and developer of other fun entertainment content under the umbrella Angry Alien Productions, LLC.

I love storytelling.

My passion is developing engaging content across multiple platforms.

In 1998, I founded Angry Alien Productions to focus on content development, digital design and production.
I enjoy distributing creative work directly to a global audience. Since 2004, I have created and produced over 95 short cartoons with bunnies re-enacting movies in (approximately) 30 seconds. The award-winning shorts have appeared on broadcast tv, on demand, online and in a global ad campaign.

In 2018 I launched a Patreon campaign to help fund more bunny titles...which has been AWESOME and has resulted in 12 new re-enactments over the last two years! Join as a patron to access exclusive bunny archives, and support me as I work on creating new stuff!

Click here for 30-Second Bunnies Theatre in the Media.

I got my graduate degree in Media Studies in 1994 from the University of London Institute of Education.

I got my undergraduate degree in International Political Economy/International Communication
from the University Professors Program (Boston University) in 1991.

Speaking Engagements:
USC (Los Angeles, CA) 2020
Denver Comic Con (Denver, CO) 2016
SXSW (Panelist. Austin, TX) 2010
Flashbelt (Minneapolis, MN) 2010
Flash on the Beach (Brighton, UK) 2009
FITC Hollywood 2007, 2006
FITC Toronto 2006
Dreamworks Lunchtime Lecturer (Redwood City, CA) 2006
George Eastman House (Rochester, NY) 2005

Webby Award 2008 - Online Film and Video/Animation
Webby Award 2008 - People's Choice
2 Gold Lions, 1 Silver Lion, Cannes International Advertising Festival 2006
Best Internet series - Ottawa International Film Festival 2004

Student comic book art classes and workshops I have led:
PORTLAND, OR 2016-19
The Village Free School
Multnomah County Library branches
IRCO (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization)

Marwen Foundation
Museum of Contemporary Art

LAPL branches (Sun Valley, Westwood, Wilmington)
Santa Monica Public Library

Co-presenter with Scott Dikkers, Animation Workshop. Summer 2011.

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