Dear Everyone,


It's hard to know where to begin this note, but we think "Thank you" is a good start.

After six years and sixty-eight (SIXTY-EIGHT!!) re-enactments of movies for 30-Second Bunnies Theatre, it's time for us to move on to new meadows and fields. We've had a wonderful time working with Starz, who made it possible for us to bring you so many bunny shorts. Never say never; we may be back some day with our interpretation of more movies, but for now we'll be relaxing in a nice cool pasture with a huge bushel
of tender pea shoots.

Jennifer will continue creating things and stuff here at, so please visit early and often. Stay in touch with us on Facebook (30-Second Bunnies Theatre and Angry Alien Productions.) and Twitter (thebunnies and jennifershiman)...that's where we'll update you with news, new content and new projects.

We want to express our appreciation for your kind words, your requests, and your viewership all this time. YOU made six years of bunnies possible! Again, thank you. We've loved re-enacting for you!

All our love,
The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Troupe (and Jennifer)

30-Second Bunnies Theatre re-enactments!


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