Saw Bunnies -- Some rough sketches and notes about production process

I wanted to share with you a few sketches I made for myself while the bunnies re-enacted the movie Saw.

As you can see, they're quite rough (and for my reference only). Much of the story unfolds primarily in one room, so in the re-enactment I showed action from multiple angles, both to give a sense of the space they were dealing with and to keep the visual rhythm interesting.

While summarizing the action, I wanted to remember (for consistency) which of their legs had shackles; on which side of the room each was imprisoned; and which items were on which walls of the torture cell. Hence the rough maps, which I scrawled on a memo pad and posted on the bottom of my monitor while working. I tried to keep things as accurate as possible (e.g. gunshot wound always on the left side of head! etc.)...After you watch Saw Bunnies, see if you catch any anomalies!




Thirty-Second Bunnies Theatre Re-enactments


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