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(updated April 30, 2007)

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shiman bio questions
What inspires you?
To get inspired to create content (about bunnies or anything else), I need to feel inspired in my daily life. Because I work from home, which can feel isolated at times, I need to find and use resources to help keep me motivated and inspired. These sources come from multiple places: hanging out with and meeting new people who inspire me; watching media that inspires (a great movie or TV show); a constant stream of books to read; walks through the neighborhood, etc. I also find a great deal of inspiration via the internet. My bookmarks will give you a feel for the kind of stuff that inspires me (I also use this site to track various online bunnies press).

Q: How did you get started drawing cartoons?
A: I've been drawing stuff since 1976 (I'm 37 now). I went to Boston University and got an undergraduate degree in International Political Economy and International Communications. My interests have spanned a variety of realms, and at the time I felt this area of study accurately represented what would constitute a fulfilling career. and a graduate degree in Media Studies. After grad school, I took a sabbatical while working part-time to make my first animated short. I started my sole proprietorship Angry Alien Productions in 1998 in order to earn income through more creative projects (digital design, electronic production, illustration and web graphics, e-greetings). The discovery of Flash software was a breakthrough for my cartoon workflow, as it provided an immediate means of distributing my creative work online to a huge global audience.

Q: Where did Amy's Diary come from?
A: Amy's diary is Amy Forstadt's actual 3rd grade diary! She & I have been best friends since 1977. When she unearthed said dairy, we decided to get some friends together and have them narrate a few select entries, to which I did some interpretive animation. But those events indeed occurred. Amy's cat really did drink toilet water...out of the toilet.

Q: Why Angry Alien?
A: When I first started my little biz, I needed a logo. I had sketched some sample ideas with ridiculous names (such as this one), and the image of a testy alien standing next to a rotary phone tapping his foot just spoke to me. I figured, 'eh, why not' and it just stuck.

Q: Why bunnies?!
A: One day as I sat in front of my computer checking email (what else is new), these bunnies approached my desk and pitched the idea of doing the re-enactments. Feeling mildly threatened, I agreed, and the collaboration began! That's the story they like to tell. What really happened is I sat there sketching all the possible creatures who could re-enact classic movies in 30 seconds, and out of all the candidates (kitties, beavers, mice, elves), the bunnies struck me as being just the critters to do such a thing.

cartoon production questions
How do you create your cartoons?
A: I use the software Flash for the coloring and animation. Prior to that, I generally draw everything by hand on paper using a lightbox. I scan the drawings in using Adobe Photoshop, then convert the bitmap art to vector art using Adobe Streamline. This system works nicely for me; I'm sure all Flash artists have their own preferred way of doing things. If you want to find out more about Flash, there are some great resources such as and I belong to a Flash usergroup here in Los Angeles which offers lots of support and helpful resources.

Q: In Star wars Bunnies, I noticed the Jason mask in the trash compactor scene.
What gives?
A: I thought it'd be a fun cross-reference. As well as a reminder that Jason is ever-present.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: Absolutely! Before you submit any requests, suggestions, ideas, etc., be sure to read the site terms. Then take a peek at the Request Corner!

questions about the bunnies
Does the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Troupe have an agent?
A: Yes! His name is Duck.

Q: What's the bunnies' favorite drink?
A: They love a well-made carrot latte.

technical/viewing issues
If you're having problems viewing any cartoons from the site, check out this page.

misc questions
How frequently do you release new bunny cartoons?
A:The current batch of Starz-commissioned bunnies re-enactments premiere on Starz, Starz on Demand®. Additionally, now hosts the re-enactments, so I link to them when they go online.

Q: Some of the movie titles listed as "To-be-bunnified" have changed. What up with that?
A: Movie titles on the to-be-bunnified list may be subject to change for logistical reasons such as scheduling. The bunnies apologize for any disappointments!

Q: Why haven't you responded to my email?
A: I've been receiving so much wonderful correspondence from everyone (for which I am tremendously grateful!), I just haven't had a chance to respond. Please know that I do read every email, and that everyone's requests are duly noted. And thank you all for your kind words, suggestions, and input.

infrequently-asked questions

Q: What's your favorite post-apocalyptic scenario?
A: Robots and mutants live in harmony.

Q: Most impractical Halloween costume?
A: When I was five, I went as a present. I wore a giftwrapped cardboard box. I remember walking into everything, and couldn't move without whacking someone.










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